Frequently asked questions

If you have a question and it is not answered below or maybe if something is not clear enough, please feel free to contact us!

Maruaga crater Sucre Bolivia

1. Do I need a license?

We require you to have a driving license to go on a tour with us. It is a safety requirement. A motorcycle license is not necessary, unless you would like to rent a bike.

2. About riding experience?

For quad bikes, experience is not needed. Before the tour you will have plenty of time to practice and to get comfortable on the quad. All the people going on two wheel bikes, must have experience, in manual ones. And let us know which last engine you have driven, and when? On or off road motorcycle? Otherwise you can do Motorcycle lessons for only one hour and some off road practice for an extra hour!

3. Where do I start riding?

We meet at Cafe Florin daily at 10:20 am or 14 pm, it will only take 10 min. by our transport before we arrive to the start point, from where we have enough time to practice with the quads or motorcycles before we head off.

3. What about the conditions of the road ?

It depends on the tour you go on and its duration means that the longer the route the more fun and challenging parts you get!
We ride on dirt roads most of the time and some parts can be a bit or very challenging depending on the weather.
The roads are not regularly maintained, therefore cars are rarely seen on these roads. So we have a lot of fun while riding . These roads range from dirty, dusty, rocky and muddy along small rivers in the countryside of Sucre.
Most of the time the roads we have chosen are a lot of fun, and have very small percentage of steep parts or cliffs, yet the guide will at all times provide info on the route to follow.

4. How about the Bikes, are they well maintained?

Our bikes are well maintained to a very safe standard.
Our mechanics are the best in town to provide a hight quality maintenance.
We have Hondas and Yamahas on quads and two wheelers, they are up to 250cc, to 650cc. Both 2 and 4 strokes, models up to 2007.

5. The Guides, Do they speak English and have experience?

Our guides speak Spanish, English, Dutch and French and have many years of experience on motorcycles, on road mechanics as well as first Aid Kits training.

6. How about the protective gear?

We will provide you with protective gear on the tour: helmets, goggles, gloves, elbow and knee and front-back protection on quads, basically full protective gear on quads and on two wheels. Boots, jackets are available on request.

7. What do I need to bring?

We recommend that you to bring rugged boots, long sturdy pants, long sleeves, suncream, camera and some money just in case you want to buy local products from the surrounding villages.

8. What about insurance?

We do not provide personal insurance or equipment insurance, this is not yet feasible in Bolivia for quads and motors on off road terrain. Therefore we require you to have a travel insurance and a medical insurance. If you don not have these, unfortunately you can not go with us on tour. Note that accidents are rare, just like they are for example with cars on a normal road, but they can still happen.

9. Can two people fit on a bike?

Yes, when you go on quads
Yes on two wheel bikes, although not for the 2 day tour.