Amazing tours on quads. For all levels of experience! The best tours on motors. Through muddy off road terrain! Fun routes around Sucre. Through beautiful countryside. Top quality japanese quads. Experienced guides. Mountainbike tours. Enjoy the stunning views!

Off Road Bolivia takes you on a real adventure

Quad tour

Add quad-biking to your travel experiences!

We take you on a quadbike or a motorcycle through the surroundings of Sucre, Riding mostly off – road along muddy, rocky and dusty terrain. Ideal for those who are beginners or experienced riders. Our instructors and guides will give a preparatory briefing talk before departing and you will have a time to practice before the actual tour begins. Have a look below for an overview of our tours and the prices.

Ride to the Countryside of Sucre!

The half day tour; This is a perfect day out on quads or motorcycles out in beautiful south east countryside of Sucre, this tour takes you trough some fun challenging tracks as well as flat lands that will allow you to go faster. Some small riverbeds are included depending on the season as well as some mud and fun! A snack and a free drink is included!

  • Aprox. duration: Half day / 30km.
  • Quads: Bs. 600
  • Motorcycle: Bs. 520
  • Passenger: Bs. 190

Wild Ride to Yotala!

The full day tour; This tour takes you through some amazing landscape south west from Sucre passing along small villages around Sucre, including Yotala, a valley with pleasant climate and landscape considered the garden of Sucre, the terrain varies at all times as well as the views, the difficulty is moderate to challenging due to its longer distance and change of terrains. Includes lunch, a free t-shirt and a free drink after the tour!

  • Aprox. duration: Full day / 60km.
  • Quads: Bs. 890
  • Motorcycle: Bs. 750
  • Passenger: Bs. 350

We provide

  • - Top quality Japanese quads, all from Honda, semi-automatic. Your safety is our priority, so all quads are checked before any tour. We do not compromise, as we would like to give you the best quad-experience.
  • - Safety equipment like a helmet, goggles, knee and elbow protection and front and back protection will be provided to you.
  • - One well trained, experienced guide, who speaks english. One guide for every five riders. The guide is trained in first aid as well.
  • - Free transport and if necessary a support vehicle.

Tours compilation video

Have look at the video below to see what we do and offer!

Start point

We take to an area where you can a have a 20 minute instruction and practice before you start riding. You will get comfortable with the quad or motorbike and after that, off we go into the countryside of Sucre. Our professional staff will be patient whether you are a beginner or a professional and they are always ready to give you further explanations during the tour. Do not be afraid to ask!

The tours are very diverse, with slow paced bumpy parts, uphills, downhills, a river crossing and faster paced flat parts. We are not in a hurry. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to take pictures. You sure will enjoy it all!

Enjoy the stunning views too!

quadbike in Sucre Bolivia